Title Of Paper:
Offering an Optimum Method for the Identification of Communities by the Aid of Effective Posts in Instagram Social Network
Author's Name :  Fateme Panabad, Seyed Mohammad Safi
KeyWords:  social networks, recognizing societies, community identification, community identification algorithms, Effective Posts, Motif method
Pages:  1 -8
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Year: 2017


Identification of the influential members in every social network is intended by the social media activists. The method of identifying the influential members in the past was based on counting the number of liked feedbacks of every member in every group disregarding the number of the member's posts and every member scoring the highest number of the likes was identified as the most influential member. The method proposed here is counts the number of feedbacks given to a certain post along with taking the number of the member's posts into account. Therefore, the influential posts can also be identified. Here, the objective is investigating and comparing the social network algorithms and offering a novel method for the recognition and improvement of communities in contrast to prior methods in Instagram social network. Groupings in the present study have been carried out based on (CNM) Cluster, Motif and Connected Component. Eventually, the final result will be presented as the final optimum output through polling on the results obtained from the abovementioned three methods.

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