Title Of Paper:
Provide a Security Framework in the Cloud-Based Authentication Placement Data Based on Genetic Algorithm
Author's Name :  Leila Zahedi, Mohammad Alaei
KeyWords:  Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Storage Security.
Pages:  1 -8
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
Year: 2017

Cloud storage is a major part of cloud computing that information storage is done in this part. Users and organizations store the information on the cloud. So, the security of information is the most important issue for them. The security of storage servers on the cloud is depend on the reliable encryption of information. Therefore, in this paper a novel approach is presented for information security based on authentication using RSA encryption and segmentation of information and files to sub files and placement on servers using genetic algorithm (GA) in the cloud computing. The proposed algorithm considers the user authentication, privacy and accuracy of the information services. Also, server selection using genetic algorithm improves the speed of access to information. This makes it clear that users store the data to the cloud without worrying.

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