Title Of Paper:
Study on Vehicle Accident Prediction Using Eye Blinking And Facial Analysis
Author's Name :  U.A.Kafil, R.Palit,L. Nahar, M. S. Alam,A. Kafi, M. M. Hassan, M. R. Islam, T. Alam*
KeyWords:  drowsiness; eye blink; distraction; fatigue; vehicle accident.
Pages:  16 -23
Volume: 4
Issue: 8
Year: 2016

Vehicle accident is one of the most common phenomenon in the current world. There are various reasons for occurring vehicle accident. But it is due to drivers fatigue and distraction for which most of the serious vehicle accidents occur. Driver’s fatigue and distraction can occur due to feeling sleepy or fall asleep of driver, talking over the phone and side talking. As a result, it causes great damages of vehicle, lives and properties. So to reduce the vehicle accident, it is very essential to explore innovative technology for predicting vehicle accident on the basis of drivers’ drowsiness and distraction. The aim of this paper is to design a system which will detect driver’s drowsiness based on eye blinking, this system will also detect whether the driver is talking over the phone or other people while driving based on the movement of the head and mouth. The driver’s inattention will be measured, if there is any probability of accident occurrence the system will alert the driver by giving alarm. In this paper driver monitoring system has been designed to evaluate the eye blinking and facial analysis.

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