Title Of Paper:
Proposing a New Fuzzy Protocol for Fault Tolerant Routing in Wireless Body Area Network
Author's Name :  F. Javadchavosh, M.R. Noorimehr, and S.E. Alavi
KeyWords:  Wireless Body Area Networks, Fuzzy Routing, Waiting Time, Energy.
Pages:  28 -37
Volume: 4
Issue: 7
Year: 2016

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are using in many applications. Medical and control the body are known major applications of WSN. Body area wireless sensor network needs a power efficient protocol. Thus, utilizing a power-aware protocol is suitable and necessary in sensor networks. In this paper, a fuzzy system with two inputs is proposed to determine the contention window and the priority of packets in three levels. The proposed algorithm using the contention windows at four levels Slow, Normal, Fast and achieved instant. It is proposed for routing of a fuzzy system. The simulated results show that the number of packages increased and reduced energy consumption.

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