Title Of Paper:
Counterfeit Currency: A Study on recognition Method
Author's Name :  S.Muntaha, S.Islam, M. S. Alam, T. Ahsan, T. Alam, M. T. Islam
KeyWords:  image processing; feature extraction; scanner; counterfeit currency; neural network
Pages:  20 -27
Volume: 4
Issue: 7
Year: 2016

Currency has an inseparable significance under the sun. Because of that Counterfeiting currency has become one of the major concerns throughout the globe. Many researchers have been studying on fake currency recognition system for years. After reviewing a number of research papers, it can be concluded that image processing is being used in most of the cases as an initial step. There are some alarming results found from different papers. The review paper will provide a helping hand to the better solution for arresting counterfeit money.

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