Title Of Paper:
Determination the Semantic Similarity of Sentences in Persian Texts Based on the Order of Words
Author's Name :  Amin Sharifi, Mohammad Esmaeildoust
KeyWords:  language processing, Semantic analysis, Persian text.
Pages:  12 -29
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Year: 2016


Short texts, such sentences are widely used on the Internet. The applications of these texts are asking questions, captions images, web titles, phrases query to search the web. Determination of semantic similarity between these texts is very functional. In this article with using of Lexical and semantic words concepts a method is provided for determining semantic similarity in Persian. From affecting factors in the sense of sentences is order of words in a sentence. To determine the similarity sentences is used of combination of the measure of the cosine similarity and improved relationship similar order of words. Suggested results on a data set among the 202 sentences are evaluated. Results show that suggested method is divided the accuracy of classification of sentences in groups of similar meaning. This article was obtained in 89% of the maximum accuracy.

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