Title Of Paper:
Performance Evaluation of the Bayesian Algorithm in Countering Network Attacks
Author's Name :  Mohammad Alboghobeish, Jafar Torfifard
KeyWords:   attacks, protocol, Bayesian, security, countermeasure
Pages:  1 -12
Volume: 4
Issue: 7
Year: 2016


Attacks in a computer network are result from linking three important elements, active services, used protocols, and open ports. One of the most important responsibilities of information technology experts is ensuring the safety of the network and its resistance to attacks, which is a very difficult and risky task. When providing services, a set of services and protocols are activated and another set is deactivated by default. This is directly related to the policies of an operating system and their view toward the issue of security. During the security evaluation of operating systems, considering this issue is one of the axes that IT experts follow with high sensitivity. Considering update attacks, learning systems should be used in the control system with the ability to extract patterns from previous attacks and detect new ones. This paper evaluates the performance of the Bayesian algorithm in countering attacks.

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