Title Of Paper:
Scheduling Algorithm for Vehicle to Road-side Data Distribution Consider Data Type
Author's Name :  M.Kaboli, M .R.Noorimehr, M.Abbasi Dezfuli
KeyWords:  VANET, RSU, Scheduling Algorithm, Buffering.
Pages:  37 -53
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Year: 2016

 Service quality in component is a challenging problem in inter vehicular networks.  Roadside antennas play an important role in these networks. Management and scheduling have a direct effect in service quality improvement. In these antennas, data's must be distributed based on request and not the sort of data's. according to this, this article is focused on this issue, that instead of data distribution without considering it's sort, the kind of information is grounded. Therefore, we have considered two separate queues, one for common data and other for multimedia data and by giving amount for data, the priority for response to a request related to the data in antenna is determined. Also, the data buffering has been studied too. by Anticipating the amount of  data buffer that is required, when the vehicles are out of the scope of active antenna  and before entering the next area, they will not face to the service interruption and quality loss.

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