Title Of Paper:
A Novel Three-Moduli Set and its Associated Arithmetic Residue to Binary Converter
Author's Name :  Mohammad Mehdi Lotfinejad, Mostafa Boromandzade
KeyWords:  Residue Number System, RNS, Converter, Speed-efficient
Pages:  30 -36
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Year: 2016


Residue number system (RNS) is a non-weighted and carry-free number system which is suitable for high speed and parallel arithmetic operations. The complexity and efficiency of RNS arithmetic hardware design are highly influenced by two critical issues including i)the selected moduli set and ii)the residue to binary conversion algorithm. In this paper we propose a new three-moduli set {22n-1, 2n+1, 2n-1} and then introduce a cost-efficient and a speed-efficient residue to binary converters for the proposed moduli set. The proposed moduli set consists of pair wise relatively prime and balanced moduli, which can offer fast internal RNS processing and efficient implementation of the residue to binary converter. The proposed residue to binary converters are memory less and consist of adders. In comparison with other residue to binary converters for a three-moduli set, the proposed converters have better area-time complexity.

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