Title Of Paper:
Distributed TDMA-Base Scheduling in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network
Author's Name :  Hojjat Farshadinia, Mohammad reza Noreimehr, and Ehsan Gholami
KeyWords:  medium accession control layer, energy consumption, network functionality, protocol
Pages:  19 -29
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Year: 2016

In most wireless sensor networks applications, charging the nodes batteries is impossible, so the protocols designed for these networks should save the energy as much as possible and decrease the overhead caused by sending data, thus energy consumption and wave interferences between the nodes. Shortage of resources and disturbance in network functionality, are another topics discussed in wireless sensor networks. In wireless sensor networks, the information nature and the quality of their exchange in the network have a special property which will lead to using special techniques and methods that are only ideally efficient in such networks. In this thesis, using several protocols in medium accession layer control and combining them for appropriate timing and better management of network structure, a method is proposed to best utilize sources and reducing network disturbances than the previous proposed methods.

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