Title Of Paper:
Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease Using Tabu Search Algorithm
Author's Name :  Amin Einipour
KeyWords:   Parkinson's disease, Tabu search algorithm, Knowledge base
Pages:  14 -18
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Year: 2016

Parkinson's disease is the second most common disease of the brain and nerves. The diseas is a progressive disease  meaning that over time it becomes more difficult to treat. Although so far no definitive treatment for this disease but there are good drugs which if the condition is diagnosed early can help improve the lives of people affected. In recent years provided computer methods as medical decision support systems for fast and low-cost detection of the disease which uses speech disorders and accurate and fast  analysis to be diagnosed Parkinson's disease early in the disease course. The purpose of this paper is development of a decision support system for the detection of Parkinson's disease. In the proposed system, relevant knowledge is the most important part of it. To obtain such knowledge, Tabu Search algorithm to be used. Tabu Search is able to search in a large space data of course, this search is also associated with a certain intelligence. Results on Parkinson's disease  data set from UCI machine learning repository show that the proposed approach would be capable of diagnosis with high accuracy.

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