Title Of Paper:
A Redundancy Based Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks Distributed Reconfiguration
Author's Name :  Bechar Rachid, Haffaf Hafid, and Kechar Bouabdellah
KeyWords:  Wireless sensor network, monitoring, redundancy, reconfiguration, distributed approaches, lifetime
Pages:  1 -13
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Year: 2016

In this paper, we are interested in the fault-tolerant and lifetime optimisation approaches in wireless sensor networks (WSN). We propose a WSN monitoring approach using distributed reconfiguration which is based on the concept of redundancy. This allows the sensor nodes to be organized in groups where each one will have a quite precise role. It also makes it possible to manage redundancy which will consist in leaving active only some nodes. The other redundant member nodes go into sleep mode and will be awaked using an operation of reconfiguration in case of fault. A node can be also a data source measurement, called simple node or a gateway node that may be used in several groups at the same time, and whose main role is to provide the communication function, each group is managed by a coordinator. The evaluation results of this approach showed that this distributed structure is suitable to ensure simultaneously the fault-tolerance property and to improve the performance and the network lifetime.

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