Title Of Paper:
E-learning Optimization by Improving Education Cloud Using the Grid
Author's Name :  A. Taheri, M. Zolfpour-Arokhlo, F. Rad
KeyWords:  Cloud computing, grid computing, e-learning, educational cloud
Pages:  21 -29
Volume: 4
Issue: 4
Year: 2016

Today, it is attempted to present less complicated e-learning. With the growth of cloud computing in any field of application especially in distance education, the necessary infrastructure for migrating to the cloud is provided. Keeping coordination between educational content and educational sites, providing high quality education and resource sharing are among the characteristics of the cloud space. Cloud computing trough providing proper architecture allows the educational environments to provide an updated, efficient and dynamic based on their policies and rules.

In this study, a specific supersaturated education cloud is used that allocates more logical resources than the available physical resources. The number of tasks performed by a supersaturated cloud is several times greater than the common clouds. In order to maximize the efficiency of a supersaturated cloud, tasks should be provided for the cloud continuously. On the other hand the requests on the grids are declined due to energy savings. Thus the grid and the cloud can be complementary technologies that in case of combination, the cloud reduces the tasks created by the grid. Thus by creating a grid on cloud by installing the middleware grid on cloud machines the cloud and grid deficiencies are compensated and the advantages are increased.

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