Title Of Paper:
Advances in DataWarehouse: A Survey
Author's Name :  Tonáhtiu Arturo Ramírez Romero, Gumersindo David Fariña López, Claudia Lizbeth Martínez González
KeyWords:  Data Warehouse, Near Real Time, Knowledge warehouse, Federations
Pages:  1 -9
Volume: 4
Issue: 4
Year: 2016

In this work we present a brief introduction to data warehouse,followed by the most relevant topics in the last years. First shown Knowledge warehouse, which is a data warehouse for data sources formatted or unformatted, later we present Data warehouse Federation, It focuses to interconnect different systems established by access rules, after we present Near Real Time – ETL which aims to update the stores quickly and close to online systems, later DW quality and finally QuiDA Architecture

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