Title Of Paper:
A Survey on Behavior and impact of Black hole Attack in AODV protocol in Mobile ad hoc Network
Author's Name :  Morteza Ebrahimi, Shahram Jamali
KeyWords:  MANETs (Mobile ad hoc networks), Black hole attack, RREP, EERQ
Pages:  20 -27
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Year: 2016

In a wireless mobile ad hoc network (MANET), there are no basic network devices, such as routers or access points; data transfer among nodes is realized by means of multiple hops, and rather than just serving as a single terminal, every mobile node acts as a router to establish a route. Such networks are vulnerable to routing misbehavior, MANET is assailable to routing misbehavior. We are worried of an especially severe security attack that affects the MANET routing protocols AODV, due to black hole attacks.  Black hole disrupts communication, or even makes it impossible in some cases. Black hole detection systems aim at removing this vulnerability. These attacks are induced through each nodes existing in the network, where the node sends confirmation RREP   to RREQ, no matter what its routing table is or whether a route exists towards the node. By doing this, the black hole node can deprive the traffic from the source node. In this paper, we examine briefly the behavior and impact of   black hole attack various of MANET and provide comprehensive survey of on black attack and introduce the existing defense approaches to these attacks.

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