Title Of Paper:
On enhancement of Elliptic Curve Encryption of Amazigh Text using Graph Theory
Author's Name :  Fatima Amounas
KeyWords:  Elliptic Curve cryptography, Graph theory, Adjacency matrix, Unicode, Amazigh Alphabet.
Pages:  1 -10
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Year: 2016

Security in today's world is one of the important challenges. Data encryption is an important issue widely used to protect the data and to ensure the security. Graph theory is widely used as a tool of encryption, due to its various properties and its easy representation in computers as a matrix. This paper develops an enhanced version of elliptic curve encryption method using graph theory.  It attempts to enhance the efficiency by providing add-on security to the ECC cryptosystem using graphs and its properties. The proposed method represents a novel approach to encrypt and decrypt Amazigh text securely with the benefits of graph theory properties.

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