Title Of Paper:
Simulation of Equal Poloidal Magnetic Flux Surfaces by Surfer Software in Tokomaks
Author's Name :  Shervin Saadat, Azadeh Haghighatzadeh, Simin Nazari
KeyWords:  Tokamak, Equal poloidal magnetic flux surfaces, Plasma simulation, natural network, surfer software.
Pages:  46 -51
Volume: 3
Issue: 12
Year: 2016


The tomography has played a key role in tokamak researches, and various tomographic methods were developed and used in the last several decades. The plasma cross sections were obtained by using laser arrays, but in this manuscript we used from mirnov coils. Our analysis is based on numerical method and mirnov coils data by surfer software to estimate equal poloidal magnetic flux surfaces in tokomaks.

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