Title Of Paper:
SREAP: A Secure RE-Authentication Protocol to Support Efficient Handoff in IEEE 802.1X Wireless Networks
Author's Name :  Ali Mohammadi, Nasser Modiri, andMir-Kamran Mahshid
KeyWords:  Security; EAP; Re-authentication; Handoff, IEEE 802.1X
Pages:  9 -19
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Year: 2016

Handoff management is a fundamental issue in wireless communications especiallyto provide efficient services. Authentication is another significant issue and to prevent possible attacks, re-authentication is required during the handoff process to certify the reliability requirement of mobile nodes and access points. In this paper, we propose a user authentication scheme to support smooth handoff in IEEE 802.1X wireless networks. The proposed protocol is based on IETF standards and there is no need to authentication server throughout handoff for recently visited access points, and our design reduces the computing load on the authentication server.

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