Title Of Paper:
A Novel Tabular Form of the Simplex Method for Solving Linear Programming Problems
Author's Name :  Akaninyene Obot, Umoren Mfonobong Anthony, Simeon Ozuomba
KeyWords:   linear programming, operations research, graphical method, simplex method
Pages:  1 -8
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Year: 2016

A new tabular form of the simplex method for solving linear programming problems is presented in this paper. There are many variants of the simplex method. The existing different tabular forms of the simplex method are difficult to comprehend, boring, not straight forward, confusing and tedious. The results obtained based on the proposed method are simpler and computationally more efficient for calculations of linear programs, than other competing simplex methods by other writers. The proposed method could be applied to solve Operations Research based problems in fuzzy linear programming, goal programming, transportation and assignment problems, game problems, and for carrying out sensitivity analysis in linear programming.

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