Title Of Paper:
A Novel Method for Enhancing Network Monitoring in Remote Medical Applications Using Software Defined Networks
Author's Name :  Mohammad Reza Parsaei, MohammadJavadSobouti, Reza Javidan
KeyWords:  Telemedicine, remote surgery, software defined networks, network monitoring, electronic communication.
Pages:  20 -30
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Year: 2015


The most important way for providing health in a large population, particularly developing countries, is developing efficient health care services such that everyone can use the services equally and justly. Telemedicine is a new area which uses modern communication technology for exchanging medical information. This communication might be between a patient and a doctor or two medical centers for consultation. Implementation of a Telemedicine system requires creating the necessary infrastructures, among which network monitoring is one of the most important ones. From hundreds to thousands of computers, hubs to switched networks, and Ethernet to either ATM or 10Gbps Ethernet, administrators need more sophisticated network traffic monitoring and analysis tools in order to deal with development. These tools are needed, not only to fix network problems on time, but also to prevent network failure, to detect inside and outside threats, and make good decisions for network planning. In this paper, a comprehensive survey on Telemedicine and network monitoring is performed. Afterward, network monitoring techniques and methods in current networks are discussed. Finally, an efficient architecture based on Software Defined Networks (SDNs) in remote surgical applications is presented which significantly improves monitoring of the communication networks. The results showed the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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