Title Of Paper:
Discrimination of acidic and alkaline enzyme using Chou’s pseudo amino acid composition in conjunction with some classifier methods
Author's Name :  Kamal Moro, Hassan Abbar, Zahra Benabbou
KeyWords:  Enzyme, artificial, neural network,training.
Pages:  30 -36
Volume: 3
Issue: 11
Year: 2015

Enzymatic catalysis is one of the most essential and the most striking process among all the complex processes that have evolved in living organisms, this is the mechanism by which chemical reactions are catalyzed in living systems by specialized proteins called enzymes. These are biological catalysts that play a significant role in industrial and medical applications due to their specificity, selectivity and catalytic efficiencies. The distinction between acid and alkaline enzymes has become the biggest challenge in the engineering of enzymes; classification by experimental approaches is difficult, sometimes impossible, due to the lack of established structures. Therefore, it is highly desirable to develop a calculation model to distinguish the acid and alkaline enzymes of primary sequences. In this study, we established a sufficiently precise calculation model using the sample representation method: Pseudo amino acid composition(PseAAC). Three classification methods were used to distinguish the enzymes acid and alkaline (KNN, Naive Bayes and Multi-Layer perceptron). We consider that the experimental results are quite good and the prospects are encouraging.

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