Title Of Paper:
Security Enhancement in Elliptic Curve Encryption of Amazigh alphabet using Genetic Algorithm
Author's Name :  Fatima Amounas
KeyWords:  Elliptic Curve, Genetic Algorithm, Secret key, Encryption, Decryption, Amazigh Alphabet.
Pages:  18 -27
Volume: 3
Issue: 10
Year: 2015

With the rapid development of technology Information Security is becoming much more important in data transmission. Cryptography is the practice and study of encrypting decrypting information. Due to its importance, several cryptography techniques and algorithms are adopted by many authors to secure the data, but still there is a scope to improve the previous approaches. This  paper  introduce  a security  enhancement  on  the  elliptic curve cryptosystem,  it suggests  the  use  of  Genetic Algorithms in  the  encryption  process to make the cryptosystem more secure. The proposed method is implemented in Java and applied for the encryption and decryption of a text file. As result, our proposed algorithm is fast and secure to be used for encryption of Amazigh Alphabet. 

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