Title Of Paper:
Comparing the architecture of Grid Computing and Cloud Computing systems
Author's Name :  Abdollah Doavi
KeyWords:   Grid, Cloud Computing, Grid OS, Decentralized Scheduling, Virtualization, Private Cloud, Public Cloud.
Pages:  9 -19
Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Year: 2015

Grid Computing or computational connected networks is a new network model that allows the possibility of massive computational operations using the connected resources, in fact, it is a new generation of distributed networks. Grid architecture is recommended because the widespread nature of the Internet makes an exciting environment called 'Grid' to create a scalable system with high-performance, generalized and secure. Then the central architecture called to this goal is a firmware named GridOS. The term 'cloud computing' means the development and deployment of Internet –based computing technology. This is a style of computing in an environment where IT-related capabilities offered as a service or users services. And it allows him/her to have access to technology-based services on the Internet; without the user having the specific information about this technology or (s) he wants to take control of the IT infrastructure supported by him/her. In the paper, general explanations are given about the systems Grid and Cloud. Then their provided components and services are checked by these systems and their security.

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