Title Of Paper:
Simulation of Magnetic Field of Free Electron Laser with Square Core Waveguides
Author's Name :  Farideh Allahverdi, Farkhondeh Allahverdi
KeyWords:  free electron laser, environment protection, magnetic field
Pages:  1 -8
Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Year: 2015


Free-electron laser has more applications in industry, then improvement of power and efficiency of laser has always been emphasized. Therefore, simulation of created field and examining the properties of the field in waveguides with different shapes and studying the sustainability of electrons movement are particularly important. In this study, the magnetic field of free-electron laser in square waveguide with central core is examined and simulated. Due to the complexity of cross section, the equations governing the field are solved numerically, and magneto static fields are calculated and then the changes of Wiggler magnetic field are displayed. Since the field intensity on the sides and center of the waveguide and the order of electrons motion are important in determining the laser power and efficiency, studying the behavior of electrons in this research indicates that in the empty space between the two walls, Wiggler magnetic field is minimized and leads to the focus of electron beam. Therefore, the closer is the starting point of the movement of electron to the center of waveguide, the better will be the movement order.

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