Title Of Paper:
FNC a New Method to Optimize Task Scheduling Based on ACO in Cloud Computing
Author's Name :  Hamid Mehdi
KeyWords:   Cloud Computing, Job Scheduling, Scheduling Algorithm, Cloudsim, Cloud Analyst.
Pages:  18 -24
Volume: 3
Issue: 8
Year: 2015

Nowadays Cloud computing has to provide necessary facilities in order to provide reliable and truthful service to users. Based on mentioned point task scheduling is one of the fundamental issues in cloud computing environment. In fact one of the main features of task schedule is its scheduling strategy to change environment and the types of tasks which leads to load balancing. Many different resources exist in cloud computing including CPU, RAM, and Bandwidth which are engaged by virtual machines. Since the number of users require different types of virtual machines and all of resources are associated with virtual machines, task scheduling algorithms help to load balancing more efficient .In this paper, it has been tried to present a new method based on bandwidth manager via input as well as output data finally calculating load factor by formula for every Virtual machines. Results show the presented method is performed and good for task scheduling in cloud computing environments.

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