Title Of Paper:
A New Approach to Ant Colony to Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment
Author's Name :  Hamid Mehdi
KeyWords:  Cloud Computing, load Balancing, CloudSim , Cloud Analyst.
Pages:  29 -36
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Year: 2015


Nowadays Load balancing is one of the most important matters in cloud computing environments. On the other side,  task scheduling algorithms play an vital role load balancing among virtual machines in cloud computing. Therefore, any cloud providers need to use optimum and effective task scheduling algorithm. Many various methods have been presented regarding load balancing. One of the most important and effective method is using Ant Colony (ACO). In fact optimization ACO is famous in order to use in load balancing algorithms. In this paper, it has been tried to suggest a new optimum method using ACO.Many methods to resolve load balancing has been came into existence like PSO, genetic algorithms and other kind of task scheduling. In this Article it has been proposed a method based on Ant Colony optimization to resolve the problem of load balancing in cloud computing.

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