Title Of Paper:
A Mathematical Computer Program for Using Sliding Boundary in Shells Edge
Author's Name :  Mohammad Reza Isvandzibaei
KeyWords:  Computer Program, FG, Sliding
Pages:  1 -7
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Year: 2015

In this study for frequency FG cylindrical shell with sliding boundary condition carried out using a mathematical computer program. The shell made of a functionally gradient material composed of stainless steel and nickel is presented. The aim this work is to study the natural frequency (Hz) and the effects sliding boundary conditions on the FG shell. The study is carried out using third order theory. The analysis is carried out using energy method. The governing equations of motion of FG cylindrical shells with sliding boundary condition are derived based on two different materials. Results are presented on the natural frequency and sliding boundary conditions with a computer program.

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