Title Of Paper:
A New Framework for Cloud based Application Testing
Author's Name :  Sarah Hosseini, Ramin Nasiri, and Gholamreza Latif Shabgahi
KeyWords:   Cloud computing, cloud testing, cloud based application, SaaS, testing framework.
Pages:  31 -40
Volume: 3
Issue: 4
Year: 2015

Cloud computing has gained considerable interest in recent years as a new paradigm for developing and delivering computing applications and services via existing affordable infrastructures. Software development process has changed under the impact of cloud computing, software testing is also part of this process. Cloud testing is a rapidly developing area of research in software engineering. It's ironic that the compressed development cycle for SaaS practically increases the overall testing effort. In this paper we introduce a new framework for cloud testing that is based on the ISTQB standard framework and according to the requirements and cloud testing steps. The framework include developing test scenarios, test cases design, select cloud service provider, setup infrastructure, leverage cloud servers, start testing, monitor test progress, test report and finally test closure. Each of these steps are included some activities.

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