Title Of Paper:
QoS Evolution in IMS network NSIS vs RSVP
Author's Name :  TAAM Abdelkarim, RAOUYANE Brahim;OUMSIS Mohamed; El Alaoui Ouatik Said
KeyWords:  IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem); QoS(Quality of Service); DiffServ(Differentiated Services); InterServ(Integrated Services);NSIS(Next Steps in Signaling).
Pages:  24 -30
Volume: 3
Issue: 4
Year: 2015

The next generation network NGN (Next generation Network) especially IMS (IP multimedia Subsystem) requires bandwidth and appropriate QoS can increase the number of users and services. The NSIS (Next Steps in Signaling) appears as a magic solution that couples the both DiffServ and IntServ with other control-added properties. However the implementation of NSIS must be piratical to encourage the operators to deploy over network.

The article presents a model that merge QoS mechanisms in an agnostic architecture to provide NSIS-based management in the IMS network (core LTE). The work shows the integration of NSIS in IMS network and coexistence mechanisms with the possibility of unifying all management QoS; with a comparison of NSIS-DiffServ and RSVP (Reservation Protocol) for multimedia services.

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