Title Of Paper:
Defense Against the Attacks of the Black Hole, Gray Hole and Wormhole in MANETs Based on RTT and PFT
Author's Name :  Shahram Behzad, Reza Fotohi, Fathulah Dadgar
KeyWords:   MANETs (Mobile ad hoc networks), DSR (Dynamic Source Routing), Black hole attack, AODV (Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing)
Pages:  89 -103
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Year: 2015

Mobile ad hoc networks are regarded as a group of networks consisted of wireless systems which developing together a network with self-arrangement capability. These networks have no constant communication infrastructure and use central nodes to communicate with other nodes. Despite lots of advantages, these networks face severe security challenges, since their channels are wireless and each node is connected to central node. One of these concerns is the incidence of black hole stacks damaging mobile ad hoc networks routing protocols. Through this process, the Attacker node announces itself as the nearest to destination node; then, network nodes choose it as the central node when transmitting their data packets. As a result, this node can delete its delivered packets rather transmitting. In this paper, for Defense against attacks at the network layer, such as black, gray, hole, wormhole, in Mobil ad hoc network of RTT, PFT test. Simulation results revealed that the proposed method, is compared with DSR and AODV protocol under attack in terms of packet delivery rate, throughput, end to end delay of packets loss and higher efficiency.

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