Title Of Paper:
Provide a Medical Expert System Based On Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Author's Name :  Amin Einipour
KeyWords:  Expert system, Simulated Annealing, Medical, Knowledge Base
Pages:  36 -44
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Year: 2015

The core of expert systems is a useful and reliable knowledge of the specific application. In fact, this knowledge can be considered as a rule base which in the past was achieved manually by using the classical methods of analysis, but the knowledge gained from these manual methods are not reliable. Today there is a general and popular branch of computer science called data mining which is used in various areas such as expert systems. In fact, knowledge is considered an expert system can be achieved through data mining techniques instead of manual analysis. So that this knowledge can be improved during the data mining process using an optimization algorithm, such as the SA algorithm according to criteria such as accuracy and the ability to interpret. So we can gather the experience and knowledge of expert doctors in a data set then extract useful knowledge from these datasets using SA algorithm and use it to diagnose separately for each area.

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