Title Of Paper:
Web Services Monitoring, Analysis for Future Usage and Failure Prediction
Author's Name :  Syed Kashif Ali, Sarmad Sadik
KeyWords:  Web,Serive, Prediction,SOA,QoS.
Pages:  36 -43
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Year: 2015

Wide use of web services has dominated the software industry. Providing web services to its consumers according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) is complex and difficult task. Failure to provide web services against agreed quality of service (QoS) parameters i.e., unavailability of web services and slow response time will cause increase in penalties. This may lead to unsatisfied consumers that can be devastating for business goals and revenue of service providers. In order to ensure the satisfaction of consumers and avoid any violations of SLA, monitoring is required on service provider side. However, monitoring against SLA is not enough - service providers must be able to analyze the past and current usage in order to predict future challenges. User's behavior and usage analysis is used in many business organizations for forecasting and decision making in different departments such as Marketing, Sales & Distribution, and Inventory Management. The monitoring data of web services can provide vital information to the service providers. On the basis of usage analysis the service provider can assess current and predict future challenges and can take certain risk measures to avoid violations of SLA. This research aims to provide a monitoring framework which empowers the service providers to monitor web services usage and failures. And analyze the monitoring data to predict future usage and failure patterns..

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