Title Of Paper:
An Approach to Counteracting the Common Cyber-attacks According to the Metric-Based Model
Author's Name :  Mohammad Sirwan Geramiparvar, Nasser Modiri
KeyWords:  Metric-Based Model, Cyber-attacks, General Weaknesses, Countermeasures, XSS, SQL Injection
Pages:  26 -36
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Year: 2015


Nowadays the words such as cyber and electronic attacks are heard of more than any other ones. They refer to the attacks which can ruin the structure and foundation of a company, organization, or even a ministry and cause irreparable damages. Analyzing these intrusions, we ascertain that every cyber-attack benefits from four general weaknesses: innate and structural weakness, configurations, design and implementation, and human-made errors. Concentrating on the relevant weaknesses and overcoming them, we can achieve a secure and stable system. Studying and analyzing common attacks such as XSS and SQL Injection and using metric-based model, this research, therefore, aims to focus on the weaknesses and to present approaches to overcoming the weaknesses and counteracting these attacks.

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