Title Of Paper:
Social Networks based e-Learning Systems via Review of Recommender Systems Techniques
Author's Name :   A. A. Salama, M.M.Eisa, S.A.EL-Hafeez, M. M. Lotfy
KeyWords:  Social Networks, e-Learning ,Techniques
Pages:  21 -48
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Year: 2015


e-Learning has turned to be a necessity for everyone, as it enables continuous and life-long education. Learners are social by nature. They want to connect to othersand share the same interests. Online communities are important to help and encourage learners to continue education. Learners through social capabilities can share different experiences.Social networks are cornerstone for e-Learning. However, alternatives are many. Learners might get lost in the tremendous learning resources that are available. It is the role of recommender systems to help learners find their own way through e-Learning. We present a review of different recommender system algorithms that are utilized in social networks based e-Learning systems. Future research will include our proposed our e-Learning system that utilizes Recommender System and Social Network.

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