Title Of Paper:
Privacy and Context Awareness in Ubiquitous Environment, A Survey Report
Author's Name :  Javeria Farooq, Mobashir Siddiqui , Humera Farooq
KeyWords:   ubiquitous environment, smart environment, context awareness, Privacy.
Pages:  9 -17
Volume: 2
Issue: 12
Year: 2014


The idea behind the usage of online and smart environments has been researched. Smart environments is a universal computer that help the people to do their daily activities invisibly and let them feel relax from daily tedious task. For the idea of making life much easier and independent of tedious work, ubiquitous computing gave birth to smart environments that will help us in our daily lives. As the technology is evolving day by day so it is become important for people to know the context behind every technology. In present study, a survey has been conducted to investigate the privacy and context awareness while working in an Ubicomp environment in different age groups.  For this purpose, three different age groups (less than 30 years, between 30 to 40 years and above 40) has been selected. An online and physically participants are examined by different questions involving collection of personally and identifiable information. Results indicate that majority of online and smartphone users are aware of ubiquitous computing, smart environments and context awareness. At the same time the sampling data shows that the subjective are highly concerned about their privacy and want to know the context behind their actions. Further analysis of the data suggest on the basis of distinct groups participants with age between 30-40 Years are more concerned about privacy and knows the context behind their each action.

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