Title Of Paper:
Optimization Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing to Minimize Cost – ACO
Author's Name :  Hamid Mehdi
KeyWords:   Cloud Computing, Job Scheduling, Scheduling Algorithm, CloudSim , Cloud Analyst.
Pages:  32 -38
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Year: 2014

One of the fundamental issues in this environment is related to task scheduling. A good task scheduler should adapt its scheduling strategy to the changing environment and the types of tasks. It gives a better way of scheduling jobs in restricted conditions. Since the number of cloud users need different kind of virtual machines as per the requirement and cloud provider provides these services as per the Service Level Agreement to ensure Quality of service. Many methods to resolve this problem has been came into existence like PSO, genetic algorithms and other kind of task scheduling. In this Article it has been proposed a method based on Ant Colony optimization to resolve the problem of load balancing in cloud computing.

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