Title Of Paper:
Edge Detection in Grayscale Images Using Fuzzy Logic and Filter Disk
Author's Name :  MohammadAmin Edalatirad, S. Seddeghi chaharborj,Hamid Mehdi
KeyWords:  Edge Detection, Fuzzy Logic Membership Functions, Filter Disc, Irrelevant Edges, Noise
Pages:  15 -23
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Year: 2014


In this paper, using fuzzy rules, a method is presented for edge detection in grayscale images. The proposed method is a fuzzy system and its membership function inputs are fed by the filter disc using a smoothed image. This membership function includes 8 inputs that obtain their values through the surveys of smoothed image pixels by a 3 × 3 mask; the system also includes an output that determines the amount of edge. In this method, for the classification of pixels and adjusting their results, 12 fuzzy inference rules were used to determine the final values ​​of the edge pixels and illustrate in the output. The results of the comparison of multiple images using fuzzy algorithms indicate that the approach gives better results than the above methods in dealing with the irrelevant edges and noise. So that the noise in the image is highly deleted and the accuracy of locating the edge positions is also greatly enhanced.

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