Title Of Paper:
Improving Of the Edge Detection Using the Mixture of Fuzzy Inductive Rules and Altered Canny Algorithm
Author's Name :  MohammadAmin Edalatirad, S. Seddeghi chaharborj
KeyWords:  Fuzzy logic, Canny algorithm, Non maximum suppression of edges, Fuzzy membership function.
Pages:  1 -14
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Year: 2014

The suggested method is a complex algorithm which by use of fuzzy inductive rules and changing in canny algorithm is going to promote edge detection in images at gray surfaces. The schedule is: First weslide a 3×3 mask on the image pixel by pixel and horizontally, which is in the way that each of 8 neighboring pixels,P1,P2,P3,P4,P6,P7,P8 willtransfer to the fuzzy triangular function input.  In the first step, Imagepixels are set in to two groups of white and black between dominationsof zero to one. This step is called “Fuzzing”. After fuzzing, anadjustment performs on fuzzy extends which includes 6 fuzzy inductiverules that perform the act of adjusting in groups with 8 members.Fuzzy system output includes 3 extends of black, white and the edge that show fina extends in in output. The gathered results out of severalimages by comparison with Sobel, Canny method and also a similarcomplex method, show that this approach has better results thanmentioned methods in front of being pixelated, extra lines and hiddennoise.

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