Title Of Paper:
The Study of Different Types of SRAM Cells Designed for Usages with Low Power Consumption
Author's Name :  MohamadJafar Taghizadeh, Mohsen Dolatabadi
KeyWords:   Memory blocks, SOCs circuits, SRAM memories, power consumption, leaking current
Pages:  28 -37
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Year: 2014

Today, with the development of the semi-conductive devices building technology, the speed and power consumption parameters play a major role in increasing the electronic devices capability and speed. Because the electronic chips with high speed and low power consumption have always been the favorite choice for the military industries and research and commercial centers. The elite group of scientists and chip designers in chip making companies such as Intel, IBM and Soltra advanced all their activities towards making high-speed chips with high capabilities and low power consumption rate. The electronic systems are made up of two parts, namely analogue and digital. The digital systems are bigger and bulkier. Therefore, they are more decisive in the designing competition. When designing the digital systems, various parameters such as the chip performance, power consumption, leaking current and supply voltage are of significant importance. On the other hand, the SRAM memories are considered as one main part on the SOCs circuits. This type of memories does not require information readouts. Thus, their speed is considerably higher than the dynamic memories. Therefore, the static memories are fast and expensive. Static memories are utilized for building the microprocessor Cache memories (speed-sensitive). The SRAM memories waste a considerable amount of power consumption (roughly 45%) in computer systems. Hence, the power consumption reduction techniques should be considered when designing the SRAM memories.


In this paper, first various cells which were designed and proposed to date are studied in terms of stability and power consumption. Second, the existing challenges regarding these cells are indicated. Then, the designed cells power consumption is studied in various technologies.

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