Title Of Paper:
Methods for Target Tracking in Sensor Networks with Energy-Efficient Approach
Author's Name :   Abdollah Doavi, Hossein Parvan
KeyWords:  Sensor Network, Target Tracking, Energy Consumption, Clustering.
Pages:  8 -20
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Year: 2014

The target tracking methods can be categorized into tree-based, clustering, prediction and Mobicast methods. In The tracking algorithm based on clustering, the cluster member nodes detect the target and send the data to cluster head. One of the important advantages of clustering-based methods is that it increases the network lifetime while keeping energy consumption. In the tracking algorithm based on prediction, the next position of target is predicted according to the current target speed and direction. These algorithms make use of sleeping nodes. As a result, they reduce the energy consumption and increase the lifetime of network.

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