Title Of Paper:
A Study of Edge Detection Methods and Providing a New Simple Algorithm for Edge Detection of Noisy Images
Author's Name :  Amin Ghasemi Nejad Raeini, Mehran Abdali, Zoheir KordRostami
KeyWords:  Morphology Operation, Noisy Image, Edge Detection, Structure Element.
Pages:  31 -41
Volume: 2
Issue: 9
Year: 2014

Noisy image edge detection is one of the major areas of work in imageprocessing. Edge detection of the noise-free images is much easier thanfinding the edge of noisy imagesBut in practice, many of the images areimbued with noise. This paper will present a new algorithm based onmorphology operation to eliminate noise and perform correct edge detectionsimultaneously. The algorithm is applied on several images and the results are observable.

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